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Too Much Sun?

Summer is here, and we’ve got the perfect summer cool down tips to help you make it a fabulous Blondies Summer!

One of the best parts of summer is the warm weather. But when the mercury in the thermometer keeps creeping higher, the joys of warm weather can quickly descend into the dreaded dog days of summer. While staying hidden inside an air-conditioned home remains the go-to way to avoid the sweltering sun, who wants to be cooped in their home during the summer?

Check out these four super easy and super fun summer cool down tips:

1. Throw A Pool or Beach Party

Of course, taking a dip should always be at the top of everyone’s “Summer To-Do List.” But instead of just doing a few laps or soaking up some sun by yourself, take the opportunity to throw a pool or beach party!

You don’t need to have your own in-ground pool to splash around with some friends. Head down to the local beach. Or if you’re not near water and don’t have a pool, check some of your local park districts. Most parks let you rent out their pools for your own personal party.

It doesn’t matter if you plan it weeks out or it’s just an impromptu gathering, nothing beats getting your friends together and cooling down in the water.

Be sure to drink plenty of water while you’re out in the sun to stay hydrated.

A cooler full of ice and Blondies cans and Blondies bottles.
Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen and cooler full of Blondies!

2. Eat Spicy Foods

That isn’t a typo! It’s no coincidence that cultures in the hottest climates eat the spiciest foods. That’s because it works – eating spicy foods, like salsas, curries, and hot sauces can actually cool you down.

While scarfing down some spicy and tasty jerk chicken or pad Thai might make you sweat a bit more – a phenomenon called “gustatory facial sweating” – this also increases your blood circulation to match the outside temperature. After a few minutes, you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel. It’s a natural way to cool you off!

And nothing goes better with some spicy food than a tall glass of Blondies on the rocks!

3. Create an Ice Cube Necklace

Wait, what? An ice cube necklace? But won’t they melt? Well, not a literal ice cube necklace, as that’ll just make a mess.

Grab some those small reusable ice cubes. After freezing them, stuff them into an old nylon and tie off the nylon in between each of the ice cubes. Feel free to add some ribbon or other decorative additions to the piece to jazz it up, and Voila! You’ve got a self-cooling necklace for when you’re gardening, jogging, or going to the beach. Once you’re done using it, just toss the necklace in your freezer to get it ready to use again. Plus, you can save your real ice cubes for your next Blondies Cocktail!

Check out this helpful video for more detailed instructions on how to make this cool necklace (just replace the bouncy balls with reusable ice cubes).

Friends on a beach keeping cool and drinking Blondies.
Keep it cool by sitting back, relaxing, and making it a Blondies Summer!

4. Make it a Blondies Summer

Nothing helps beat the heat more than a crisp, cool refreshing cocktail on a hot summer day or night. But who wants to spend time mixing ingredients together when it’s sweltering out?

The fix? Instead, just toss some ice cubes in a glass, crack open a can or bottle of Blondies Cocktails, pour in as much as you’d like and you’re ready to rock ‘n roll!

If you’re really looking to beat the heat, try all four of these summer cool down tips at the same time. Make an ice cube necklace, pack up your favorite Blondies Cocktails, get some chips and a spicy salsa, and make your way to the beach or a pool. You’ll be cooler than a penguin wearing sunglasses in no time!

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