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What Makes Ready To Drink Cocktails Actually Cocktails?

If you’ve visited a grocery or liquor store in the past year, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that ready to drink cocktails and other canned alcohol drinks represent the fastest growing segment of the alcohol market in recorded history.

It makes sense when you realize that, unlike glass bottles, which many areas prohibit, you can bring cans just about anywhere. From beaches to backyards and from pools to parks, pretty much everywhere welcomes canned beverages. Cans also work much better for concert crowds, airplane passengers, and festival-goers. And best of all, the cans look great on social media. 

blondies cocktails, blondies by jenny, blondies lemonade, jenny mccarthy

While this all makes canned alcohol beverages extremely appealing for a wide variety of reasons, there’s a catch.


With their clever names and slick packaging, many brands would have you believe you’re drinking a nice, clean vodka and club soda, or some other version of a crafty vodka cocktail.

However, as is often the case, things are not always as they appear. In fact, most canned alcohol beverages (we refuse to refer to them as canned cocktails) use an alcohol base that contains clarified beer. That’s right – your crafty “vodka cocktail” is most likely just fermented sugar water.

In some cases, the manufacturers even use a clear wine base. So it’s no wonder the makers of these products rely on fancy-sounding “natural” flavoring. They need to cover up the taste of the modified alcohol base.


When we created Blondies Cocktails, we vowed to make a true ready to drink COCKTAIL. We simply wouldn’t settle for anything less than a proper premium cocktail in a can.

To accomplish this feat, we start with gold medal winning, ultra-premium, gluten free, hand-crafted vodka made in the USA at our Chicagoland facility. 

Next, we simply add real fruit juices and a little natural stevia. The result is a cocktail with a taste you can trust. 

Further, because we pack Blondies Cocktails full of premium vodka and real fruit juices, you can make a variety of other exotic cocktails with little effort. Just add a “splash” of club soda or other mixers to Blondies and the possibilities are endless. While this isn’t necessary to enjoy Blondies, since they’re ready to drink cocktails right out of the can, we like our customers to know they have options.

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