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Sleek Aluminum Cans

  • **NEW in 2019** Our fans asked and we delivered!
  • Sleek Aluminum cans: 83 calories per serving – 8% Alc/Vol – 3.2 carbs per serving – 355ml
  • We took all of the awesome qualities in our glass bottles, dipped the Alc/Vol to 8% for portability, and prepared a true cocktail in a can. While many canned cocktails are 5.5%ABV and are made from clarified beer or wine, Blondies Canned Cocktails are made with 100% ultra-premium vodka. Just like the bottles, we also packed these beauties with real fruit juices, natural flavors, and a touch of stevia.
Convenient and Delicious

The sleek look of our cans will accompany you in style to the beach, the pool, the back yard, the boat or anywhere you want to go. Blondies Canned Cocktails are the easiest way to grab a true craft cocktail in a can with nothing more than the lift of a finger.

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