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Glass Bottles **All New Recipe!**

  • Our glass bottles are perfect for any occasion. Just pour over ice and enjoy.
  • Blondies Cocktails are packed with real fruit juices, natural flavors, and are sweetened with a touch of stevia then topped off with a full dose of ultra-premium vodka! 
  • 100 calories per serving – 13% Alc/Vol – 3.2 carbs per serving – 750ml
  • Enjoy Vodka Lemonade or Vodka Strawberry Lemonade. 
Convenient and Delicious

With so many awesome ingredients packed in to each bottle, Bottled Blondies are a simple solution to making dynamic cocktails.

Pour Blondies over ice then add a splash of Club Soda to make a Jenny McCarthy (Jenny’s favorite) – or a splash of energy drink to make a Donnie’s Blonde Bombshell (Donnie’s favorite).

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Blondies with a Splash+
Create custom cocktails by adding "Just a Splash"

Blondies Breeze = Splash of Cranberry
Dirty Blondies = Splash of Iced Tea
Royal Blondies =  Splash of Champagne
Malibu Blondies = Splash of Pineapple
Southern Blondies – Splash of Bourbon

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