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Blondies Cocktails Tips for an Effortless, DIY Halloween

The tree leaves are changing colors, there’s a cold crispness to the air, and pumpkin spices flavoring our coffees. It can only mean one thing: Halloween is here!

Now that the spoOoOokiest time of the year is upon us again, we here at Blondies Cocktails thought we’d help share some easy, DIY tips on how to make the most out the holiday for anyone who’s strapped for time.

Like any holiday, Halloween comes barreling at us in a whirlwind of priorities. We have to contend with buying and/or making costumes, putting up decorations, preparing for parties, procuring mountains of candies and other treats, baking cookies, and more. And that’s not including all the other must-do Halloween activities like watching scary movies, visiting haunted houses, navigating corn mazes, taking hayrides, and just generally getting into the macabre spirit of the season!

With so much on your plate, we wanted to help make Halloween as effortless, yet effervescent, as possible!

Halloween should be a time for festivities and fun, not stress and complications!


While Halloween is always a blast – sometimes it can be a nerve-racking nightmare trying to figure what costume to wear. This is especially true when you need to spend more time working on your kids’ costumes than your own!

Sometimes we just don’t have the time to hand-sew a brand new Cersei Lannister gown nor do we have the money to buy a fancy, movie-accurate Wonder Woman costume. It simply wasn’t prophesied in our tarot cards.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t cobble together something that’s smart, funny, scary, or all of the above!


One way to go about this often herculean task is to mix and match pieces of old costumes to create something unique and original, and still have fun with the costume-making process.

Lots of time we have odd pieces of this or that Halloween costume from years past either lying around or buried in our closets. Dig up some of that old stuff and marry two distinct costumes together. Got some cat ears and a plastic tiara? There’s a “Queen Kitty” costume. It’s simple, but adds a new twist to an old costume. We’ve all got something leftover from past Halloweens – an old witch’s hat, some costume or theater jewelry, Devil’s horns. They’re all useful in their own way!

Or consider taking a route of absurdity. With a little makeup and an old thin white coat, you can go as a “Goth scientist” or a “Vampire Chef.” It’s Halloween after all, not everything needs to make sense!


Sometimes the best Halloween costumes are simply a play on words. This means you can take simple household items and twist around their meaning.

For instance, got some cereal in the cabinet? Cut up the boxes and glue them to an old shirt, use some red coloring (make-up, markers, fake blood, etc.) and VOILA! You’re a “Cereal Killer!” If you happen to have a box of Life cereal, you can just use that box, add some festive accessories, and BAM! You’re “The Life of the Party!”

Have a Sylvia Plath book on your bookshelf? Grab it and some grapes and go as “The Grapes of Plath.”

Or treat yourself to some early Halloween treats and then glue all the wrappers to an old shirt or hoodie. With the right jewelry, sunglasses, and other swag, you can strut around as a “Candy Wrapper.” Just be prepared to spit a few rhymes upon request! Or glue some Smarties candies to just your pants, and you’re suddenly a “Smartie Pants.”

While these might not win you the coveted “Best Costume” award, it really is that simple to conjure up a fun and playful Halloween costume with little to no additional effort or money!

Blondies pre-made vodka cocktails are the perfect drink for an effortless Halloween!


You don’t have to necessarily dress up to have a good time at Halloween. After all, the day is meant to be festive, not stress inducing and complicated!

You don’t need to wear a box of Life cereal to be the life of the party – all you need to do is crack open some Blondies Cocktails and let the fun begin!

We here at Blondies believe that things should be simple, easy, and ready to go at all times. That’s why we’ve created Blondies Cocktails! We start with ultra-premium vodka, mix it with all natural fruit juices, and add a touch of Stevia to sweeten the deal. This helps you keep it simple yet classy. Forget about mixing your own cocktails or lugging around a veritable bar of beverages, let Blondies do the work for you!

Whether you’re the Halloween Hostess with the Mostess, a ghoulish guest at a friend’s or family’s party, or you’re just sitting at home handing out candy to trick-or-treaters (while no doubt snagging some candy for yourself), Blondies Cocktails make the ideal companion for the season!

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Remember to drink responsibly.