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8 Must-Try Holiday Cocktail Recipes using Blondies

With all the effort it takes to make the season festive, you shouldn’t have to waste time gathering a million ingredients and memorizing overly complicated holiday cocktail recipes to have a good time.

That’s why we created these eight holiday cocktail recipes using Blondies Cocktails, the pre-made cocktail drink made with ultra-premium vodka and real fruit juices.

Tis the season to get your Blondies on with these festive holiday cocktail recipes.

The intention of these recipes is to concoct artful combinations using Blondies Cocktails and limited additional ingredients to keep things simple and easy for you. These recipes work wonders in crafting delicious, complex drinks with little effort on your part, since Blondies boast an array of dynamic flavors already in the bottle!

For the most appealing presentation, we’ve utilized specific glassware and garnishes. But don’t worry, each drink can be prepared in any glass, cup, or mug you find around the house and will be delicious with or without garnishes.