Introducing Blondies!

FINALLY! The light, natural, fun, and delicious drink we’ve all been waiting for has arrived in both bottles and cans!

Produced by JV Studios

“I’m proud to say my cocktails contain no artificial flavors or dyes, and they’re gluten free. Blondies are the only sophisticated, ready-to-drink cocktails made with real fruit juice and a heavy dose of ultra-premium gold medal winning vodka.

Grab a bottle or a can, crack open, and enjoy!”

     -Jenny McCarthy

Ready to Drink!

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Aluminum Cans
8% Alcohol by Volume (16PROOF)

Blondies now come in a convenient 355ml can – great for parties, picnics, the beach, or pretty much anywhere!

Glass Bottles
13% Alcohol by Volume (26PROOF)

The classic 750ml bottles continue to be a delicious drink with a heavy dose of vodka…perfection!

No Dyes

Coloring from Blondies comes from the real fruit juices – this may cause settling we suggest a gentle shake before opening.

No Artificial Flavors

We perfected the taste will all natural flavors.

Made With Ultra Premium Vodka

We didn’t cut any corners  –  especially on the vodka.

Real Fruit Juices

Real lemon and other fruit juices and all Blondies start with clarified coconut water which creates a perfect consistency.

Shelf Stable at Room Temperature

Stock up – no need to refrigerate until you crack open a bottle – if there is any left!

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Blondes have more fun, especially when we drink with brunettes and redheads

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